Starcraft - The Shadow of Space

Starcraft - The Shadow of Space 1.40

Starcraft - The Shadow of Space is a Starcraft BroodWar custom mod pack
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Starcraft - The Shadow of Space is a StarCraft BroodWar custom modpack. The mod is built upon the Brood War expansion pack. StarCraft Brood War is an expansion for the well-known, award wining, science-fiction, real-time strategy game StarCraft. The expansion pack was released in order to continue the story from the piece where the original StarCraft ended, bringing new map tilesets, campaigns, music, extra units for each race, and other upgrades.
Starcraft - The Shadow of Space tries to bring a fresh new look and atmosphere into the game by introducing a new map pack, missions or single player mode campaigns.
The mod causes some changes to the game graphics, as well. The developers created new skins for some of the units and buildings of the game, like the factory, nuclear silo or physics lab from the adaptable race of Terrans, and the zerg spire of the insectoid Zerg race. It also changes almost every unit available in the game.
Starcraft - The Shadow of Space brings a new look to the game by using improvements in the graphic sector and artificial intelligence, new campaigns and missions, modified units costs and others. All these features can catch the attention of any StarCraft lover and can provide a good doze of entertainment for every video gamer.

Dennis Niels
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